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The ACS solution incorporates powerful features developed for self - service photocopiers and printers.
Use a remote meter reading to optimize your operations and automatically manage the copiers' and printers' meters.
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Discover our ACS software

ACS is a reliable software for remote management counters' meter of digital devices and laser printers in copy shop.
  • Is a manufacturer-independent software, compatible with all brands and works with any network copying and printing devices.
  • Easy-to-use with an intuitive design and interface
  • Installation of the solution is very quick and easy
  • No investment, no additional equipment, no wiring required.
  • Additional printer can be added rapidly because the software automatically detects any network devices.
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They are satisfied with the ACS software and share a successful experience.

  •   Alexis Cardot - Imprimerie Armand
    Ce logiciel à été une révélation.
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    Ce logiciel à été une révélation. Nous avons des imprimantes en libre-service à notre imprimerie et ce logitiel comptabilise les copies et les photocopies (en triant couleur et noir et blanc, A4 et A3) à distance. Cela est vraiment très pratique, ça nous fait gagner un temps précieux. Je recommande :)
  •   Pierre LLORCA - SCAN DOC , Groupe FBI
    "I highly recommend ACS"
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    I recommend using ACS for several reasons: It's very easy to use on a daily basis for managers of paying, self-service copier/printers and in particular digital imaging. The software is compatible with all the brands on the market whether they be recent models or older versions. It is very easy to set up and configure and offers sliding scale prices in compliance with the pricing policy of the service providers. Attractive prices which increase or decrease according to how many devices are in operation.
  •   Elisabeth Delage - Atelier D'Els à Toulouse
    “Today, thanks to this easy to install and user-friendly software, I don’t have to worry anymore about quantities and page format”
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    My problem was that our clients who are students print on different formats and colours and often from the same file. It was a nightmare to sort out the billing..
    Today, thanks to this user friendly and quick to install software, I don’t have to worry anymore about what format or how many pages. It helps me gain time ,and cuts out stress.
    In addition the company can concentrate better on client needs and is becoming more reactive which is a rare thing today. et Thanks and please keep it up!
    Disponibilité et réactivité à toute demande.
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    L'ATELIER COPIE est très satisfait par les prestations proposées par la société ACS, à savoir : - au niveau technique, le comptage des impressions via leur logiciel, - leur disponibilité et réactivité pour toute demande. Nous recommandons.
  •   Georges Brachet - First Copy
    “Simple to use, time saving and reliable when it comes to the calculation”
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    We can say that we are completely satisfied with the ACS. It's easy to use, saves time and provides reliable billing data. Thanks a million!
  •   Thomas Melchior - Digitec Solution
    “I am delighted with the ACS app”
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    As a reseller of Ricoh copiers, we were looking for a solution for one of our clients. She manages a copy service center. Before that she had a system of manual counting. Today, she is more than satisfied with the software. She is delighted! ACS has made her life so much easier!. Very simple, quick and easy managing. We acknowledge the professional attitude of the Antesis team and the easy contact. Thanks.
  •   Valérie - Bureau Vallée Vertou
    "We are very happy with this solution"
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    The ACS software is so convenient and such a time saver. I can manage the meters via a remote monitoring system.
    It's easier than ever to calculate the amount to charge and to reduce the wait at the checkout.
    "They have been reliable in delivering the services we need"
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    I downloaded the demo to see what it was like and decided to buy it. Now I am very satisfied. They have been reliable in delivering the service I need. I would highly recommend ACS.
  •   Angel Mateos - Imprimerie Copie Service
    “The ideal tool to trace the self-service printers”
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    It' a software very esay to setup and to use. It's the ideal tool to trace the self-service printers and to generate statistics on the use of my devices.

  •   Romain - Bureau Vallée Champniers
    "I am beyond satisfied with it"
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    This software iscompatiblewith alldifferent brandsand isintuitive,and user friendly.
    It is the most advanced software I have seen :
    - quick billing solution: it immediately gives me the difference between the "start" meters and the "stop" meters and colors, B&W meters, the amount to charge.
    - utilization statistics to analyse my business,
    - displays cartridge levels.
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The features of ACS software.

The features of ACS have been specifically conceived to help you optimise your business to increase your productivity and retain customers.
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ACS incorporates many time-saving and powerful features specifically developed for self - service photocopiers and printers.
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